2014 Dirt in Your Skirt Summer 100 Challenge

This year once again the Dirt in Your Skirt group held their Summer 100 mile challenge.  The challenge–run 100 miles between June 1st and September 1st and receive a Muckle (mileage buckle.)

Dirt in Your Skirt Muckle

Participants self-monitor their mileage and report it to the group at the end of each week. When your 100 miles is completed, it is reported on the group’s website–adding a bit of a competitive challenge to the event.

My goal was to complete the challenge in three weeks, but unfortunately it took me four weeks again this year.  I did start the challenge with a half marathon as previously stated, but was unable to raise my weekly mileage due to my continued nursing of injuries from two prior ultras.

As stated in an earlier blog, I do love this concept because it has something for everyone–from a beginner to a seasoned runner.   You can set your goal however you’d like–run it in a day or two, a week, a month or use the entire three months.

For more information on the challenge visit Dirt in Your Skirt.

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