Biggest Loser Half Marathon 2014

This year’s Seattle Biggest Loser Half Marathon event held on October 12th was moved midyear from Gas Works Park along Lake Union to the Port of Everett, about 25 miles North of the city.   Fortunately, participants who found this an issue were given the opportunity to receive a refund.

It was refreshing to find the previous year’s parking issues, both at packet pick-up and the start of the race were eliminated, as there was ample parking for all.  Port-A-Potties were also plentiful verse last year where none could be found, other then the parks bathroom facilities.  A very nice goody bag was given to each participant this year filled with a variety of treats.  This seems to be a rare occurrence at races lately–with fees going up and goody bags just becoming bags filled with paper flyers.

Biggest Loser Goody Bag

TV reality personalities Dan and Jackie Evans from season 5 and Vinny Hickerson from season twelve kicked-off the race–with Dan singing the National Anthem.  A group from the local ROTC was also at the start.

The race started off smoothly with roughly 425 runners and 165 walkers participating.  The group ran along a portion of the Port of Everett before beginning its invasion of the local neighborhood where we ran a boring pattern of down one street then up a hill, then down the next street up a hill and so on.

Unfortunately, I ran my slowest half marathon ever at a 2:31 due to a foot injury I suffered around mile 8 which caused me to sit down and attempt to repurpose tape from another area of my body.  I ended-up walking a portion but did finish in the end.  Sadly, in 2013 at the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon I tripped on a speed bump and smashed my face on the pavement and came close to passing out.  After sitting for a few minutes and regaining my whereabouts, I was able to finish the race at a better pace before going to the emergency room for treatment.

Biggest Loser Medal

To sum it up it was a cloudy chilly boring race, but at a nearly an unheard of half marathon cost of $35 should I really be complaining.  I am always so disappointed with these Seattle races because they’re always boasting about the beautiful scenery.  I’ve lived, visited and ran in so many coastal areas of the SE–Naples, FL, Hilton Head and Charleston SC and Tampa, FL to name a few and I just don’t get it, but I do keep trying.  Will I do it again next year?  At $35 why not.

Until next time–watch those speed bumps!

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