BMW Seattle

We decided that the Jeep Wrangler was not the car for us in Seattle.  We started the process of getting a new car–always a fun exercise for those who like a challenge.

The short list of potential cars were:

  • BMW X5 35d
  • Porsche Cayenne Diesel

The choice was obvious, BMW.  We searched the local Northwest dealers and landed on all of the features we wanted for the new car including color and options.

BMW of Seattle was the dealer that would give us the best deal on both the purchase price and the trade-in.  They were easy to work with and find too–they have a Roundel on their roof.

Seattle BMW

We have been a fan of the Spartanburg built X5 from the beginning; it just took a few years to add one to the garage.  We look forward to the adventures we will have in the new car.

2012 X5 Diesel

We already have upgrades being planned and some places in mind for the winter season. Stay Tuned!

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Celebrating 15 Years on the Internet #1

It’s hard to believe that our first webpage launched on a 5MB shared space with our local ISP over 15 years ago.  We built that crude first page with HTML in a text editor and a simple paint program over the Holiday Break in 1996.

No slick domain name, just cheezy graphics, crude formating and photos from the heart of the BMW Z3 world– Spartanburg, SC.  At the time, we lived just a couple of miles from the plant and visited often as we waited on our own Z3 to be built and delivered.  We shared photos of colors and features that seemed to be changing weekly on the BMW plant’s fleet of loaner Z3s.

The first name of that webpage was “The Upstate South Carolina Z3 Roadster Home Page“.  I know it doesn’t roll off the tongue;  at least it was self explanatory.  As the visitor browsed the various areas of the site they were treated to Johnny River’s version of “Secret Agent Man” in the background.  How annoying is that by today’s standards?

Below is a screenshot of what it looked like in it’s glory remember it was 1996/1997 and the Internet was only a playpen compared to where we are today.  Visit the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive to check out other sites over time.

The Upstate South Carolina Z3 Roadster Home Page

Over the next several months we plan on sharing the various versions of the website(s) over the 15 years we have been doing this as a hobby. You can see how the Internet changed and we changed over the years.

Here’s to the next 15 years on the Internet!

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That Time of Year – HomeComing Memories

If you are a long time Z3 or Z4 enthusiast you know what happens about this time of year.  Your thoughts turn to convoys, plant tours and time at the Zentrum in South Carolina.  It is hard to believe that it has been 14 years since that first Z3 HomeComing.  BMW sponsored the event for a handful of years before it found it’s way to the road and started to move around the country under the name of ZFest.  This year Zfest is back in the upstate for their gathering.

BMW Zentrum

Take some time this weekend to refresh your memories at if you have that empty spot in your heart for the upstate of South Carolina and your fellow BMW enthusiasts.

Happy Labor Day!

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Congratulations BMW Spartanburg on 15 Years

It is hard to believe that BMW has been building cars here in the US for 15 years strong.  From the 3 Series to the Z Series and now the X Series.  Dedicated workers building passion and fun into every vehicle in the heart of the South.

Z3 on Display

BMW built the model for so many other oversees manufacturers by shifting to the South.  Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and the list of car manufacturers continues to grow every year.

If you haven’t had the chance to tour the plant you should at least read an article I wrote about the plant and the manufacturing process.  Make it a destination at some point to visit the Zentrum, Plant and the Beacon restaurant.

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