Festival of Speed

Or an event called, ” I spent a lot of money on my Ferrari or Lamborghini and I can’t find it on the field.”  This was a staggering collection of high dollar sports cars held at a local golf course on bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I raced over to the event as soon as it was due to open to get a good parking spot and beat the crowds and heat.

Festival of Speed

The cars were carefully placed in neat rows with gems hidden among them like this race car, Bugatti Veyron or even the Jensen Interceptor.  I am certainly sure that when the 2 McClaren’s showed they had an “moment” like two women at a party with the same dress.
Festival of SpeedCrowds leisurely gathered and admired the beauties.  I almost expected to see wine glasses and appetizers followed by gentle conversations of the day on the golf course or polo field.  Actually, many talked engines, oil and modifications.  Don’t let the photo below fool you–camera’s snapped and jaws dropped as hoods and engines started.
Festival of Speed

I have been to a lot of car events and museums over the years and this one had some beauties that I have never seen.  Do yourself a favor and browse the  Photo Gallery from the event to see them for yourself.

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The List #1 – Factories to Tour (Europe)

We have been lucky to tour several Car Factories and Museums in the US including; BMW, Mercedes, Panoz and Shelby.  A dream trip to Europe would include these factories and museums.  Until we make the trek across the Atlantic We will have to enjoy these virtual tours that can be found online.
  1. Ferrari Factory and Museum (Italy)
  2. Ducati Factory and Museum (Italy)
  3. BMW Factory, Welt and Museum (Germany)
  4. Porsche Factory and Museum (Germany)
  5. Mini Factory (England)

You can check out the US factories and museums we have visited at our Photo Gallery.

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Ralph’s Cars

I am not a fashionista! But I know who Ralph Lauren is and I certainly know about his cars.  A long time ago I had seen a piece on TV about his collection of Ferrari’s.   Turns out that he owns a lot more cars other than just the red Italian type.  His collection is being featured in a museum car show in Paris for the next few months (April–August 20111).  The L’Art De L’Automobile show features 17 cars in total and they are absolutely incredible.

Ralph's Car Show

In honor of the show they have put together a photo gallery of the cars that includes sound bytes of the engines starting, revving and idling.  Every car sounds better than the previous one.  They are definitely eye and ear candy.

If I had the time and money I would love to visit this show and see these beautiful cars.  Ralph! Bring the show to the USA for all of the American car enthusiasts!

Check out the site and get your fill of these cars.


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