My Other Car is a BMW #5

The excuse list:

  1. It was a lease.
  2. The economy is bad
  3. I had to get more room
  4. It was on the car when I bought it
  5. I bought this because of Bangle


BMW frame

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My Other Car is a BMW #4

An M Badge doesn’t make a Volvo 740 Turbo corner any better.

BMW M badged Volvo

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My Other Car is a BMW #3

You can’t hide from Toyota quality issues by putting some pinstripes and a Roundel on your Scion XB.

BMW badged Scion

I snapped the photo in front of a local auto parts place. The owner was working under the hood as I snapped the photo.

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My Other Car is a BMW #2

This poor chap must be asked about his classic Honda 600 so much he invested in a special license plate and graphic (Calvin peeing on a H)  to answer the question.  The car is really an Austin Seven, just one of the many various incarnations of the Mini brand over the years.  Check out larger photos from the inset in this gallery.

Mini not a Honda

Got a good photo of a car with a mistaken identity–Send it in.

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