Buddy Stubbs Harley Museum

Buddy Stubbs is as close to an Arizona Harley legend as you can get. He has had a motorcycle shop here in the valley since 1966 and has represented the HD community in movies and TV over the years. His dealership is located off of Cave Creek Rd features a large museum that he opens up once a month to the faithful that want to learn more about the heritage of Harley and the man himself.
Buddy Stubbs HD
Buddy was born into the Harley tradition. His dad owned a dealership in the mid-west and he grew up with a motorcycles in his life from childhood.  He did what came natural; Ride and Race–Sell and Service. He built a museum attached to the dealership and twice a month he cracks the vault like door and lets the faithful into his glass walled heaven.  Like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the people await entry into paradise; some are tourists while others are hard core fanatics of motorcycles.  Buddy’s collection stretches from almost the beginning of motorcycling through the modern period.

Buddy Stubbs HD

These are Buddy’s bikes!  All of them run.  Some he raced, others he just owned and rode and some he even challenged in a cross country ride of pre-1916 motorcycles.  The collection ranges from Harley Davidson (of course) to British and Italian motorcycles.  Buddy has even been in movies and TV shows as a stunt driver.  The Harley below was featured in the “ElectraGluide in Blue” movie featuring Robert Blake.

Buddy Stubbs HD

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Museum to see more great bikes. If you happen to be in Phoenix on one of these special days the museum is open–Stop in and Enjoy the Tour.  Buddy is quite the showman and motorcycle fanatic!

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The List #1 – Factories to Tour (Europe)

We have been lucky to tour several Car Factories and Museums in the US including; BMW, Mercedes, Panoz and Shelby.  A dream trip to Europe would include these factories and museums.  Until we make the trek across the Atlantic We will have to enjoy these virtual tours that can be found online.
  1. Ferrari Factory and Museum (Italy)
  2. Ducati Factory and Museum (Italy)
  3. BMW Factory, Welt and Museum (Germany)
  4. Porsche Factory and Museum (Germany)
  5. Mini Factory (England)

You can check out the US factories and museums we have visited at our Photo Gallery.

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Imperial Palace-A Car Museum You Can Shop

The Auto Collections at The Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada (@AutoCollection on Twitter) is billed as The World’s Largest Classic Car Showroom.  A significant number of the cars on display are for sale from the $14,500 Yugo to the multi-million dollar Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s.  If it catches your eye and your budget–just step over to the sales office and start the paperwork.

The last time I visited this museum was back in 2001 while on a business trip.  The museum appears to have been expanded and the collection has been turned over significantly.   A tip for those who plan ahead–you can visit their website and print a free admission coupon.

Imperial Palace

This Cadillac convertible was located in the Grand Salon and appears to be suited for the Joker or Prince–who knows?  The purple on black color scheme was an absolutely amazing combination for such a stylish car.  The extensive use of chrome accented the lines and paint of this vehicle.
Imperial Palace

This 1946 Delahaye 135MS Roadster in a beautiful blue jumped off the floor with its flowing lines and classic styling.  This car has lived the life with time being spent in Hollywood and racing in Monterey.
Imperial Palace

I am willing to admit that I am getting older and my tastes are changing.  I used to hear my grandfather talking about the classic cars of the 1920′s and 1930′s and I just didn’t get it.  They lacked the flowing lines and big engines of the 1970′s muscle cars of my generation.

I can confidently say that I now get it! The workmanship, detail and materials were incredible and should be appreciated as a bygone era.  Of course this 100pt restoration of a 1931 Ford Model A doesn’t make it difficult to see all of those aspects.  You can take it home for $75,000 and impress the neighbor’s grandparents.  I am sure they get it.
Imperial Palace

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, don’t miss your chance to get out of the smoke filled casinos and make the journey over to the Imperial Palace Hotel parking garage to fill your eyes and noses (yes, oil and gas does smell better than smoke to me) with the Auto Collection.

Check out the full photo gallery here with more than 200 photos from my two different visits.

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Museums and Memories

My parents loved to get in the car and drive. They traveled all over the East Coast visiting museums, forts, battlefields and amusement parks from the 1950s through the 1970s. Dad fancied himself an amateur photographer and took thousands of photos throughout the years.

The tickets below came from an auto museum in Bridgewater, New York from some time in the late fifties or early sixties. The museum appears to have closed in 1990 and the cars and displays were sold and spread across the country. We would love to be able to restore the memories of this museum through photos.

Our larger goal is to work through the cases of slides, negatives and photos in the upcoming months and years and add the special ones (autos, planes, trains, etc) to our already large library of photos.

Museum Tickets

We tried our best to capture the places and events we have visited over the last 13 years of being active in the car community. The current library represents more than 4,000 photos and will continue to grow. Check out the large Photo Gallery already and look for a lot of new stuff to be featured in the future.

If you visited the Bridgewater museum and want to share a story, photo, or memory drop us an email we would love to hear from you.

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