Drive the Blues Away – Lemay ACM

If you have lived in Seattle for more than a year you understand the feeling that comes over you in the months of December through February. The dark days, endless rain and early nightfall. This year the Lemay ACM held an evening of blues music, alcohol, hors d’oeuvre and of course cars. The event was titled “Drive the Blues Away”.

Drive the Blues Away

Of course, it was dark and rained endlessly during the event. The weather outside, didn’t slow the event down because it took place inside the massive main hall of the museum. Just a few hundred car enthusiasts enjoying craft beer and liquor while wondering the huge collection. The whole time the sound of blues could be heard coming from the live bands.

Drive the Blues Away

As band after band played, we wondered the ramps admiring the classic cars and listening to music. Occasionally, we grabbed a bite, refreshed our drink and watched a song or two being played by the bands.

Drive the Blues Away

This classic Cadillac greated the visitors in the main lobby with its Arizona themed paint job. This car was big enough to serve a blues band as they toured the bar circuit.

Drive the Blues Away

The Gibson guitar company was also there with a collection of instruments to browse and play if you felt so inclined. The star of the collection was a special guitar (50 unit production run) they built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Corvette.

Drive the Blues Away

The Lemay ACM is a great place that is always looking to do different and unique events. It also does a great job of keeping the displays fresh and new.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from

Christmas Tree at the LeMay ACM

Christmas tree inside the LeMay ACM.

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We’ve Moved

After 6 years in sunny and warm Phoenix we decided to move to cloudy and cool Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest is a great place with seasons, rain and cool days.  Of course, we moved here and the area promptly had the longest hottest dry spell in almost 100 years.

Everyone knows Seattle’s most iconic landmarks, the Space Needle and Pike’s Place, but a little known fact is how intense the car culture is here.

Seattle Space Needle

One of the first weekends I spent in Seattle I was able to catch the annual Puget Sound BMWCCA’s Concours event.  This event featured numerous classic BMWs all in incredible shape (look for a post in the near future).  The classic 3.0CSL below was one of just eight in the show.  Yes, eight 3.0 CSLs in one location–a first for me in all of the years of doing car shows.

Seattle Space Needle

Many other older classic BMWs were in attendance at this amazing show.  Have I wet your interest in that future post and photo gallery yet?

Seattle Space Needle

Another popular car spot in our area is the Triple XXX Drive-In.  Every single weekend this place has a car show almost all year.  Every visit was filled with new and different cars from Mini Coopers to 1960/1970 muscle cars and rat rods to choppers.  This custom rat rod below was one of the most impressive.  I also plan on a few posts and photo galleries from this car hangout also.

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle  car culture also includes hot spots like  Griots Garage, LeMay Museum and various motorcycle museums.  Look for lots of new material and photos as we learn the area and see the sites.

On a side note, we are thinking about getting another BMW after 13 years.   Yes, Mini’s are technically BMWs but they don’t wear the Roundel. Stay Tuned to see if Seattle area dealers can come through…

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