3rd Times a Charm

Believe it or not we bought another Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited.  We decided to trade-in the BMW X5 because it was very temperamental.   Even under the BMW warranty no one wants to visit the dealer every month for issues.  The Wrangler is such a fun vehicle with a ton of unique customization features that keep you busy and gets you where you need to go.  In addition, the Jeep suits us and our active lifestyle so much better–no more worries about parking a $65,000 SAV at a remote trailhead.  Look for some great stories on upgrades and adventures.  Mike at the AutoNation dealership in Bellevue was great to work with and made sure that the transaction was seamless because they also own the local BMW dealership.

In our first adventure, we traveled down to Mount Rainier and hiked to over 7,000 ft. Less than half the way up the mountain.

Jeep at Mount Rainer

This is a great National Park to visit filled with a ton of hiking and sites. Less than 2 weeks after we visited in October the snow began to fall again. By the middle of November all visitors must have tire chains and emergency supplies in their vehicles just in case a sudden storm hits the park.

Mount Rainer

Mount Rainier is also a volcano that could potentially erupt at any time. It is a dark and looming mountain that calls out to be climbed by only the very confident at over 14,000 to its peak. Many unfortunate climbers have lost their lives over the years due to sudden weather change and unstable slopes

Mount Rainer

This is a must see park if you are visiting Washington state in the summer.

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BMW Seattle

We decided that the Jeep Wrangler was not the car for us in Seattle.  We started the process of getting a new car–always a fun exercise for those who like a challenge.

The short list of potential cars were:

  • BMW X5 35d
  • Porsche Cayenne Diesel

The choice was obvious, BMW.  We searched the local Northwest dealers and landed on all of the features we wanted for the new car including color and options.

BMW of Seattle was the dealer that would give us the best deal on both the purchase price and the trade-in.  They were easy to work with and find too–they have a Roundel on their roof.

Seattle BMW

We have been a fan of the Spartanburg built X5 from the beginning; it just took a few years to add one to the garage.  We look forward to the adventures we will have in the new car.

2012 X5 Diesel

We already have upgrades being planned and some places in mind for the winter season. Stay Tuned!

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The Return of the Jeep

Let’s Recap

  1. Purchased a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and had a horrible dealer experience
  2. Modified, Upgraded and Enjoyed the Jeep for 2 years
  3. In 2010, my wife is involved in an accident with a young adult who made two illegal maneuvers in a row–right on red without stopping or looking, followed by an immediate u-turn
  4. $11,000 plus dollars in damage to the Jeep and it is a trade-in within weeks of returning
  5. Purchased a Honda Pilot for 13 months and hated it for being boring and common
  6. Returned to the same Jeep dealership to purchase the new Jeep after realizing that all of the other Phoenix Jeep dealers were worse

I really struggled with going back to Power’s Jeep because of my first experience.  This time we met Aaron and he was great to work with during the search and negotiations.  He is a big man with tons of Jeep experience (and some BMW E30 tales); he was new to the sales game but worked with us to find a “Plain Jane” Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler

Within a couple of weeks and some manual labor we transformed her into a Rubicon knock-off using Craigslist and $800.  We set to buying, trading and reselling Jeep parts to secure Rubicon wheels, tires, rock rails and suspension.  Don’t overlook searching Craigslist in your future upgrade projects–know your vehicle and check the details. We did a few other upgrades like tinting the lights, removing decals, painting the muffler and towhook and doing a grill insert for only another $20.

Jeep Wrangler

Look for more upgrades and adventures in the future.  Jeeps and Arizona go hand-in-hand.

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PHX Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year the International Automobile Show sponsored by Motor Trend makes its rounds through Phoenix over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The show opens on Thanksgiving day and allows those who want a break from Turkey dreaming and Black Friday shopping to see some cars.  Or perhaps it is a last minute distraction to protect the wallets of consumer’s so they can afford a new car.

We have made this a tradition since we moved to Phoenix.  You can usually find tickets for free and the crowds are light in the late morning of Thanksgiving Day–that allows you to get into the cars, walk around and check them out without too much of a hassle.  As you enter the hall this year you were dazzled by a large presentation of high end automobiles (Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus and Ferrari) secured behind a large rope barrier.  Look but do not touch these beauties!

PHX Auto Show

We had a list of cars we wanted to see during the show.  We are not actively looking for a new car but, with all of the recent redesigns and new model launches we had a short list to check out.  Check out our One Phrase Reviews below.

Fiat 500 –> Very Interested, but Forget It
Volkswagen Beetle –> Who Cares-No one else did either
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited –> Upgraded Nicely
Mini Cooper Coupe –> Very Nice
Mini Cooper Countryman –> Very Nice
Hyundai Veloster –> Needs a Real Engine
Land Rover Evoque –> Hipster Material
BMW X3 –> Too Small/Cheap Materials
BMW X5 –> Very Nice, but Pricey

Make sure you take the opportunity to get out to your local New Car show when it makes it’s rounds this year.  It is great to be able to explore the cars without a dealer and have a chance to see how the crowds react to the potential purchase.

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