Ralph’s Cars

I am not a fashionista! But I know who Ralph Lauren is and I certainly know about his cars.  A long time ago I had seen a piece on TV about his collection of Ferrari’s.   Turns out that he owns a lot more cars other than just the red Italian type.  His collection is being featured in a museum car show in Paris for the next few months (April–August 20111).  The L’Art De L’Automobile show features 17 cars in total and they are absolutely incredible.

Ralph's Car Show

In honor of the show they have put together a photo gallery of the cars that includes sound bytes of the engines starting, revving and idling.  Every car sounds better than the previous one.  They are definitely eye and ear candy.

If I had the time and money I would love to visit this show and see these beautiful cars.  Ralph! Bring the show to the USA for all of the American car enthusiasts!

Check out the site and get your fill of these cars.


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Faces in Places–Car’s Edition #1

I was watching the TV one morning half awake in a hotel room and CNN carried a story about a website that looked for faces in the most mundane places; electric outlets, chairs and other misc items.  The site, Faces in Places, won one of Yahoo’s Finds of the Year awards with a unique prospective on the everyday items that we see and touch. Browse the site and you will be amazed at how often and where the faces pop up.  No, I am not having some kind of moment–these faces are everywhere once you are tuned into where they are hiding.

I started to think about Cars–the movie and the personalization of automobiles.  Two headlights, windshield, grill and a chrome bumper make the perfect face. If Pixar could build a movie out of cars I should definitely be able to find the same inspiration in photos we have taken. I started the search the thousands of photos we have taken and decided to try to chronicle as many faces as I could find in an ongoing series at articles.  Below are my first few photos to kick-off the series.

Not an Good Example of Faces in Places. The face should be a feature of the photo or the object, nothing so defined as the skull sitting as a hood ornament.

Skull on VonDutch Ford

This is a Good Example of Faces in Places.  This Ak Millar Roadster sure shows a great face with a mouth wide agasp and bright eyes. This face looks as if it is set on chasing apexes and competitors.

Ak Miller Roadster

This Jaguar D-Type takes a simple approach with a smooth skin and inset eyes. The radiator opening almost appears to add a whimiscal feel to the face. This face looks more suited for a role in Ghostbusters–The Cars version.

Jaguar D-Type

I will continue to search the photo database and pull a few photos at a time when I come across them to continue this series. So next time you are driving to work don’t get to hung up on the faces staring at you from outside the passing cars–they are only watching the road for the next curve or an abrupt set of brake lights up ahead.

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