Buddy Stubbs Harley Museum

Buddy Stubbs is as close to an Arizona Harley legend as you can get. He has had a motorcycle shop here in the valley since 1966 and has represented the HD community in movies and TV over the years. His dealership is located off of Cave Creek Rd features a large museum that he opens up once a month to the faithful that want to learn more about the heritage of Harley and the man himself.
Buddy Stubbs HD
Buddy was born into the Harley tradition. His dad owned a dealership in the mid-west and he grew up with a motorcycles in his life from childhood.  He did what came natural; Ride and Race–Sell and Service. He built a museum attached to the dealership and twice a month he cracks the vault like door and lets the faithful into his glass walled heaven.  Like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the people await entry into paradise; some are tourists while others are hard core fanatics of motorcycles.  Buddy’s collection stretches from almost the beginning of motorcycling through the modern period.

Buddy Stubbs HD

These are Buddy’s bikes!  All of them run.  Some he raced, others he just owned and rode and some he even challenged in a cross country ride of pre-1916 motorcycles.  The collection ranges from Harley Davidson (of course) to British and Italian motorcycles.  Buddy has even been in movies and TV shows as a stunt driver.  The Harley below was featured in the “ElectraGluide in Blue” movie featuring Robert Blake.

Buddy Stubbs HD

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Museum to see more great bikes. If you happen to be in Phoenix on one of these special days the museum is open–Stop in and Enjoy the Tour.  Buddy is quite the showman and motorcycle fanatic!

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AMVIV 2008

A Mini Vacation in Vegas, is in its fifth year.  This west coast event draws several hundred Minis to the desert in the early spring each year. This year we decided that it was well worth the couple hundred mile drive to see a large collection of Minis and have some fun in Sin City. The host hotel for the event was the Palace Station hotel/casino; the hotel even closed?the top couple of floors in the parking garage for reserved parking.

Palace Station

The organizers have mastered the planning and check-in process.  At check-in we were greeted by “Elvis-Cone”; I saw him at several events but have no idea how he got there.  I had visions of him crammed in the rear of a Mini with the hatch up or perhaps in a Clubman with the doors tied together with a piece of rope. There was no shortage of activities this weekend, driving schools, tours, dinners and vendors.


We had plans to participate in a couple of the drives but a nasty cold awaited us on the 2nd day of the trip. We did the best we could but in the end we left a day early missing the big banquet on Saturday night.  The reservation materials included the routes for the drives–we may make the trip another time to hit the roads that we missed.

Money Shot

And now for the money shot, nothing dirty here just a $400 jackpot from a round of Bingo.  During the trip we hit the local Harley dealer and Ducati dealer with the thoughts that a big jackpot could get us both a new toy to take home. Alas, that was not to be. In the end the jackpot bought us a couple of small upgrades and a nice meal.

Visit to the Photo Gallery to see more photos from the event.

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