Faces in Places-Car’s Edition #5

At the Heritage Square car show a couple of months ago I came across a few different faces hidden in the cars on display. I know the die-hard Faces folks would say this is cheating but they still deserve some credit for hiding in plain view.

This cow skull with horns was installed on top of the cab of a wild west truck.  The truck looked more like the offspring of an Oldsmobile Model 46 Roadster and a Conestoga wagon.  I did not see Granny or Jethro in the area so it must have been an imitator.

Skull and faceThis cardboard cut out of her Majesty from an earlier time was tucked into the back seat of a Rolls Royce on display.  The realism of this cut-out could probably fool a traffic camera if you are up to the challenge.

This little antenna topper was bracing for the cool ride home with a knit hat pulled down over his ears.
Hanging Out

Keep your eyes posted–Faces can be found everywhere.

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Faces in Places-Car’s Edition #4

It is easy to find Faces in Places with classic hood ornaments on old time cars.  We featured hood ornaments a couple posts ago in the Faces in Places series and they seemed to get a lot of attention.  Several ended up being posted in a variety of websites/forums were you would not expect.

This classic Buick Goddess hood ornament was mounted on a display stand at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.  She now watches over a gallery of classic cars as opposed to the open road.

Hood Ornament

The Archer hood ornament on the  Pierce Arrow was an absolute classic.  This American luxury car was produced between 1901 and 1938 before going out of business.  These fine cars were prized by many Hollywood stars and Royalty during there production run.  Rumor has it that the marque may even return if a Swiss company has its way.
Hood Ornament

This frosted glass Lalique Eagle Head hood ornament is a definite crown jewel for any car.  These pieces are highly treasured and very delicate–they obviously have a shorter life depending on where you live and what type of road debris you may encounter.
Hood Ornament

Still can’t get your fill of  hood ornaments–Check out this great reference website (Ken Thornton).

Keep your eyes posted–Faces can be found everywhere.

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Faces in Places–Desert Edition

You can find faces in almost any place whether it was created in nature or by man.   A current American Express commercial demonstrates this dozens of times in just 60 seconds.   Here are a few a faces we found on Saguaro cacti on a recent hike at Spur Cross Park.

Saguaro cactus can live 200 years and don’t even grow an arm until they have hit 75 years in age.  You can imagine these faces have seen a lot of things change in their lives.


A Saguaro eating a boot is the best way to describe this one.


And finally, a Saguaro face so hideous and evil that I dare show you.  So instead this photo shows off it’s magnificent size and arms backlit with the sun for your safety.


Check out the Photo Gallery of the hike here and enjoy the desert views.  As always keep your eye focused on your surroundings and watch out for all of those faces just watching the world go by.

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Faces in Places Car’s Edition #2

Radiator caps…that’s is as simple as it gets. The hood ornament or mascot found its humble beginnings in the radiator cap. Manufacturers wanted to make even this simple cap a unique feature of their brand. Individuals and artists also used the hood ornament as a way to personalize their cars. These mascots could embody a variety of forms including, human, animal and abstract shapes and could be made from chrome, brass and even glass.

Sadly, these mascots have disappeared from the modern automobile as aerodynamics and crumple zones have become more important. The Rolls-Royce’s, Spirit of Ecstasy, is one of the last holdouts and even she neatly tucks herself away at the flick of a switch to protect her from vandals and thieves in the latest generation. If fact many enthusiasts collect original and replica mascots as a way to enjoy the thrill of automobile collecting without the space or expense.

Below are a few small faces from female mascots that we have photographed over time.

Hood OrnamentHood Ornament 

Hood Ornament

Keep your eyes posted–Faces can be found everywhere.

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