Cars 2 – Pixar’s Done it Again

It is hard to believe that it has been more than five years since the first Cars movie came out. We lived in Charlotte, NC at the time and Pixar held the World Premiere at Charlotte Motor Speedway. They had all of the movie’s stars and musical acts along with three massive 90′ movie screens for the lucky 10,000 fans that came out on that raining evening.  That weekend also included the Coke 600 with a host of NASCAR activities.

The first Cars movie leapt off the screen with characters and emotion.   Little did I know we would experience the famed I-40 less that 6 months later on our cross country trek from Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ. The movie tugged at the heart strings as it captured the emotions that so many small towns must have experienced during the building of the great highway.

Cars 2

The new movie is very different from the original–same characters and back story but a lot less emotion. Just action and adventure as Lightning McQueen, Mater and gang take on the world. We hit the local midnight showing to see the new movie in 3D. It was definitely worthwhile.

Take the whole family out for the fun and enjoy the movie.  I can’t wait for the DVD to be released to watch over and over again.

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Museums and Memories

My parents loved to get in the car and drive. They traveled all over the East Coast visiting museums, forts, battlefields and amusement parks from the 1950s through the 1970s. Dad fancied himself an amateur photographer and took thousands of photos throughout the years.

The tickets below came from an auto museum in Bridgewater, New York from some time in the late fifties or early sixties. The museum appears to have closed in 1990 and the cars and displays were sold and spread across the country. We would love to be able to restore the memories of this museum through photos.

Our larger goal is to work through the cases of slides, negatives and photos in the upcoming months and years and add the special ones (autos, planes, trains, etc) to our already large library of photos.

Museum Tickets

We tried our best to capture the places and events we have visited over the last 13 years of being active in the car community. The current library represents more than 4,000 photos and will continue to grow. Check out the large Photo Gallery already and look for a lot of new stuff to be featured in the future.

If you visited the Bridgewater museum and want to share a story, photo, or memory drop us an email we would love to hear from you.

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20 Car Garage For Sale with House Attached

I was reading the morning news on the local website,, and saw this classified ad for a house for sale in Cave Creek.

Classified ad for garage

With a lead-in like that how can you not look? I quickly followed the URL ( to learn about the house and property. The Owner/Architect is renovating the house while trying to sell it. Sadly, the last update to the website and progress is from last year. And worse yet, not one photo of the garage area. The good news is you can check out the house layout and wonderful views of the landscape.

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Faces in Places–Car’s Edition #1

I was watching the TV one morning half awake in a hotel room and CNN carried a story about a website that looked for faces in the most mundane places; electric outlets, chairs and other misc items.  The site, Faces in Places, won one of Yahoo’s Finds of the Year awards with a unique prospective on the everyday items that we see and touch. Browse the site and you will be amazed at how often and where the faces pop up.  No, I am not having some kind of moment–these faces are everywhere once you are tuned into where they are hiding.

I started to think about Cars–the movie and the personalization of automobiles.  Two headlights, windshield, grill and a chrome bumper make the perfect face. If Pixar could build a movie out of cars I should definitely be able to find the same inspiration in photos we have taken. I started the search the thousands of photos we have taken and decided to try to chronicle as many faces as I could find in an ongoing series at articles.  Below are my first few photos to kick-off the series.

Not an Good Example of Faces in Places. The face should be a feature of the photo or the object, nothing so defined as the skull sitting as a hood ornament.

Skull on VonDutch Ford

This is a Good Example of Faces in Places.  This Ak Millar Roadster sure shows a great face with a mouth wide agasp and bright eyes. This face looks as if it is set on chasing apexes and competitors.

Ak Miller Roadster

This Jaguar D-Type takes a simple approach with a smooth skin and inset eyes. The radiator opening almost appears to add a whimiscal feel to the face. This face looks more suited for a role in Ghostbusters–The Cars version.

Jaguar D-Type

I will continue to search the photo database and pull a few photos at a time when I come across them to continue this series. So next time you are driving to work don’t get to hung up on the faces staring at you from outside the passing cars–they are only watching the road for the next curve or an abrupt set of brake lights up ahead.

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