1st Annual PetSmart Car Show

This was a day of firsts:

  • 1st 100 degree day of 2011 in Phoenix
  • 1st Annual PetSmart SSG Car Show

Everywhere I have worked you get to know the cooler cars that lurk in the parking lot.  You recognize and quietly catalog the cars and eventually connect with the owners over time.  These are the cars that only make it out of the home garage on a great weather day or on a special  Friday.  PetSmart SSG (Store Support Group) is no different with more than 1,000 employees filling the campus.

PetSmart Car Show

About 20 cars and a couple of Harley motorcycles made the trip to the 6th floor of the parking garage that afternoon.  The time out of the office and ability to talk cars made for a nice distraction from the tasks of the day.
PetSmart Car Show

The collection of cars ranged from antique to modern and hot rods to Smart cars.  Although dominated by a collection of Corvettes and Mustangs the more unique cars gathered some attention too.
PetSmart Car Show

You won’t find this on the advertised list of car shows in Phoenix so don’t miss your chance to check out the Photo Gallery from the PetSmart event.


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Faces in Places-Car’s Edition #4

It is easy to find Faces in Places with classic hood ornaments on old time cars.  We featured hood ornaments a couple posts ago in the Faces in Places series and they seemed to get a lot of attention.  Several ended up being posted in a variety of websites/forums were you would not expect.

This classic Buick Goddess hood ornament was mounted on a display stand at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.  She now watches over a gallery of classic cars as opposed to the open road.

Hood Ornament

The Archer hood ornament on the  Pierce Arrow was an absolute classic.  This American luxury car was produced between 1901 and 1938 before going out of business.  These fine cars were prized by many Hollywood stars and Royalty during there production run.  Rumor has it that the marque may even return if a Swiss company has its way.
Hood Ornament

This frosted glass Lalique Eagle Head hood ornament is a definite crown jewel for any car.  These pieces are highly treasured and very delicate–they obviously have a shorter life depending on where you live and what type of road debris you may encounter.
Hood Ornament

Still can’t get your fill of  hood ornaments–Check out this great reference website (Ken Thornton).

Keep your eyes posted–Faces can be found everywhere.

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