Can Am Spyder Twin Peaks Adventure

“Believe it or not”, we bought a Can Am Spyder late in the fall of 2013. Unfortunately, it then began to rain for the next several LONG months.

Finally, the days have started to become clear and sunny in the Pacific Northwest as Spring and Summer approach. This past week we had the opportunity to take the bike out on the local roads and start to get some miles under our belts.  The Spyder RT Limited is a perfect bike for touring with lots of storage and comfortable features for long rides.

Our first adventure is a Twin Peaks themed ride. The ride started just as the series did with a visit to the wonderful Snoqualmie Falls. People travel from around the world to see this 268 ft tall natural wonder and we are lucky enough to have it in our back yard.

Can Am Spyder Adventure

One of the roads we traversed is depicted in the mural below and is also from the show’s opening credits.  Sadly, there is no Twin Peaks welcome sign just a great view of Mount Si.  In lieu of the actual Mount Si/road photo, we supplemented the shot with this mural and the carefully positioned bike. It seems we were not the only ones stopping for photos here as we witnessed some others (in Twin Peaks t-shirts) doing the same thing.

Can Am Spyder Adventure

The real surprise is that the mural can be found on the back side of Twedes Diner; that was where the Double R Diner scenes where filmed during the show.

Can Am Spyder Adventure

Inside the diner, we helped ourselves to a slice of warm cherry pie with whipped cream and a damn fine cup of coffee as Agent Cooper use to say.

Can Am Spyder Adventure

Twedes Cafe even pay homage to the show and embrace the past. This map and display can help you identify other great spots to search out if you see so fit to hit the road. The local area is also rich in history of Indian peoples, logging and trains; many sightseeing spots along the rides prominently feature these themes.

Can Am Spyder Adventure

Look for more adventures as the summer arrives and we hit the roads.

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