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Christmas Tree at the BMW Zentrum

Christmas tree inside the BMW Zentrum.

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Ducati Monster Matrix Running

Believe it or not I have never posted anything about my 2004 Ducati Monster Matrix edition.

As part of the Matrix Reloaded movie promotion, Ducati made a collection of 996′s and 620 Monster’s in green with special logos to coincide with an awesome motorcycle sequence in the movie.  Over the years there has been a variety of articles that placed the number built of each style of bike at 100 to 150 in the world. Check out the clip below before you read on about the bike.

My wife bought the bike brand new in 2004 as a birthday surprise for me.  I always liked the red and black Monsters but this seemed very unique and fit the bill.  It is an emerald green paint finish with a Matrix inspired tank design. It is a real eye catcher.  Over the years I have added a couple of carbon fiber bits, Ducati super-trap exhaust and more aggressive clip-ons but never messed with the paint.

Ducati Monster Matrix Tank

In Phoenix, it was just too hot and dangerous to ride.  I ran the bike but it was rarely driven anywhere except around the neighborhood.  Since moving to Washington I decided to get it serviced and back in riding condition.  I worked with Ducati of Bellevue to give it a complete inspection and a brand new set of tires.  It is now ready to hit the streets and be ridden.

When I picked it up at the end of the day from the shop they were blown away by the bike. They had never even seen this model. They called the local reps and found out that less than 100 were ever built.

Ducati Monster Matrix Edition

It’s hard to believe the bike will be 10 years old. I guess all those years ago I made a good birthday choice by picking such a unique bike that gathers attention anywhere it goes.

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