Buddy Stubbs Harley Museum

Buddy Stubbs is as close to an Arizona Harley legend as you can get. He has had a motorcycle shop here in the valley since 1966 and has represented the HD community in movies and TV over the years. His dealership is located off of Cave Creek Rd features a large museum that he opens up once a month to the faithful that want to learn more about the heritage of Harley and the man himself.
Buddy Stubbs HD
Buddy was born into the Harley tradition. His dad owned a dealership in the mid-west and he grew up with a motorcycles in his life from childhood.  He did what came natural; Ride and Race–Sell and Service. He built a museum attached to the dealership and twice a month he cracks the vault like door and lets the faithful into his glass walled heaven.  Like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the people await entry into paradise; some are tourists while others are hard core fanatics of motorcycles.  Buddy’s collection stretches from almost the beginning of motorcycling through the modern period.

Buddy Stubbs HD

These are Buddy’s bikes!  All of them run.  Some he raced, others he just owned and rode and some he even challenged in a cross country ride of pre-1916 motorcycles.  The collection ranges from Harley Davidson (of course) to British and Italian motorcycles.  Buddy has even been in movies and TV shows as a stunt driver.  The Harley below was featured in the “ElectraGluide in Blue” movie featuring Robert Blake.

Buddy Stubbs HD

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Museum to see more great bikes. If you happen to be in Phoenix on one of these special days the museum is open–Stop in and Enjoy the Tour.  Buddy is quite the showman and motorcycle fanatic!

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Veggiez gets Featured!

Veggiez was featured on Edmunds.com “Reader’s Rides” blog.  Check out the story here!


You can even get your Ride featured by writing an article and submitting a few photos.  Share your pride and passion with the world.

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The Return of the Jeep

Let’s Recap

  1. Purchased a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and had a horrible dealer experience
  2. Modified, Upgraded and Enjoyed the Jeep for 2 years
  3. In 2010, my wife is involved in an accident with a young adult who made two illegal maneuvers in a row–right on red without stopping or looking, followed by an immediate u-turn
  4. $11,000 plus dollars in damage to the Jeep and it is a trade-in within weeks of returning
  5. Purchased a Honda Pilot for 13 months and hated it for being boring and common
  6. Returned to the same Jeep dealership to purchase the new Jeep after realizing that all of the other Phoenix Jeep dealers were worse

I really struggled with going back to Power’s Jeep because of my first experience.  This time we met Aaron and he was great to work with during the search and negotiations.  He is a big man with tons of Jeep experience (and some BMW E30 tales); he was new to the sales game but worked with us to find a “Plain Jane” Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler

Within a couple of weeks and some manual labor we transformed her into a Rubicon knock-off using Craigslist and $800.  We set to buying, trading and reselling Jeep parts to secure Rubicon wheels, tires, rock rails and suspension.  Don’t overlook searching Craigslist in your future upgrade projects–know your vehicle and check the details. We did a few other upgrades like tinting the lights, removing decals, painting the muffler and towhook and doing a grill insert for only another $20.

Jeep Wrangler

Look for more upgrades and adventures in the future.  Jeeps and Arizona go hand-in-hand.

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