It is tough to learn to drive! Some people learn and others just fake it.

Recently, I have noticed a new trend as I drive around Phoenix-simultaneous Accelerating and Braking. I coined a term Acceler-Brake to help make it easier. Given that most of the population drive automatics they only have two pedals to deal with. This group of drivers have figured out it is easier to be prepared by keeping both feet in place. Pretty clever actually!

Here is just one of my experiences:

I was driving the M3 down one of our local back roads and stopped at a traffic light. Up pulls a new BMW 3 series and stops next to me–you can sense what is going on in his mind. The light changes to green and he floors it. I just chuckled and started normally.

As he gets further in front of me his brakes lights are blaring as he accelerates down the road ahead of me. Now for the funny part. He gets caught at the next traffic light and repeats the exact same actions.

Got a good story. Use #Driving101 as a search term in Twitter and let’s see if we can’t start a trend.

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