The List #2 – 5 Cars I Want to Drive from Before I was Born

I always thought it would be interesting to drive older cars.  I use to hear my grandfather talk about driving cars from the 1930 & 1940′s and thought that it would great to be able to experience a time when comfort might not be the first thing on the designer’s mind.  Hell, who are we kidding–engineers and enthusiasts built cars at the beginning of the automobile revolution.

Below is a list of 5 cars from before I was born.  I won’t tell you when that was but you can take your best guess if I tell you the Ford Mustang was a very new car model.

  1. Ford Model T
  2. BMW Isetta 300
  3. Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
  4. Porsche 356
  5. Tucker Sedan

What are your 5 cars? We would love to hear.

Have one of these gems and want to hook an enthusiast up to help make a dream come true–email me!

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Happy Veterans Day

Thank You to all of those veterans and their families that served this country.

Thank You!

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Former Glory #4

Where Z3′s go to end their proud life and give up parts so others can go on.
Thanks to Bavarian Auto Recycling for sharing the photo. Check them out for your recycled BMW parts needs.
BMW Graveyard

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