Sun City, AZ Parking Lot Show

Sun City is largely a retirement community here in Arizona filled with golf carts.  It is not uncommon to share the roads with a highly modified golf cart and a guy in a leisure suit.   Ok, no leisure suit are rare, let ‘s just say golf attire and a wicker hat.

We decided to take a detour while running some errands one Sunday to drive past a show we saw listed in a local events section.   Phoenix has many of these show that are frequented by locals looking to spend a couple hours chatting with friends.  Sometimes you find a rare gem but it is typically filled with a mix of 1950-1970′s hot rods or muscle cars.

Below are a couple of stand-outs from the show.  Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Sun City Car Show

Sun City Car Show

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Former Glory #3

The very sad final resting place of a once proud BMW–being parted out so others may go on.

BMW Graveyard

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