Former Glory #2

Please help me! My owner knows nothing about wax.
British Car #1


My Other Car is a BMW #5

The excuse list:

  1. It was a lease.
  2. The economy is bad
  3. I had to get more room
  4. It was on the car when I bought it
  5. I bought this because of Bangle


BMW frame

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Identify that Car–Sterling Kit Car

When Debi and her father came back to Phoenix from Pittsburgh we started reviewing the photos they took for the PVGP article.  We clicked through the photos and chatted about the cars until we hit the photo below.  What marque is that was the question out our mouths? We looked at the styling, wheels and even the logo on the hood.  No matter how much you zoom in on the photo we were stymied.  The search was on to…Identify that Car!

Sterling Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Debi started working on one computer and me on the other–off to see the wizard of Google.  Her father simply stared from the couch in the office as a spectator–if it isn’t a 1940′s to 1960′s American car or motorcycle he is out of his comfort zone.  Debi was first to latch on to a lead and identify the car as a Sterling kit car.  Debi is a master of the Internet search.

The Sterling Sports Car company is based in Pittsburgh and builds a mid-engine cars with a 1970′s retro car feel.  The kits are designed to work with a variety of engines including electric and all sit on a tube chassis.  Their marketing claim is that they do not require a donor car like many other kit cars.

While it is a good looking car I still find myself wanting the race inspired styling of a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe.

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That Time of Year – HomeComing Memories

If you are a long time Z3 or Z4 enthusiast you know what happens about this time of year.  Your thoughts turn to convoys, plant tours and time at the Zentrum in South Carolina.  It is hard to believe that it has been 14 years since that first Z3 HomeComing.  BMW sponsored the event for a handful of years before it found it’s way to the road and started to move around the country under the name of ZFest.  This year Zfest is back in the upstate for their gathering.

BMW Zentrum

Take some time this weekend to refresh your memories at if you have that empty spot in your heart for the upstate of South Carolina and your fellow BMW enthusiasts.

Happy Labor Day!

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