The U-Turn

U-turns are the most selfish of all the turns–they’re not about YOU they’re all about me!

U-turns are only about making it easy on yourself–why circle the block or turn into a parking lot to get your sense of direction and make a safe course correction. That would be entirely to safe and take way too long.

The worst U-turn offenders are the ones that can’t even judge the amount of space required to make a smooth complete turn. You know the ones that have to make a 3 point turn while traffic is barreling down on them or ease the car up onto the curb just to complete the change in direction.

U-turns are so heinous that some states ban them entirely arming every intersection with the signs and only allowing them on some carefully guarded intersections where a left hand turn arrow is available.

Please folks–remember these few things if you are going to make a U-turn:

  1. Know how much space your car requires to make a U-turn
  2. Remember to watch for oncoming traffic
  3. Be aware of other vehicles around you

Here is my story (OK, it is actually Deb’s)

Teenager races up to a red light and promptly makes a right on red without stopping or looking. Deb is proceeding through the intersection when the turning car steals her lane causing her to swerve left to avoid the uncaring teenager. GREAT! YEAH!

Teenager promptly (less that 25 ft) decides she made a wrong turn and proceeds to make a U-turn into the side of the Jeep. BOO! BAD!

Got a good U-turn story!   Share it.   Use #Driving101 as a search term in Twitter and let’s see if we can’t start a trend.

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Ralph’s Cars

I am not a fashionista! But I know who Ralph Lauren is and I certainly know about his cars.  A long time ago I had seen a piece on TV about his collection of Ferrari’s.   Turns out that he owns a lot more cars other than just the red Italian type.  His collection is being featured in a museum car show in Paris for the next few months (April–August 20111).  The L’Art De L’Automobile show features 17 cars in total and they are absolutely incredible.

Ralph's Car Show

In honor of the show they have put together a photo gallery of the cars that includes sound bytes of the engines starting, revving and idling.  Every car sounds better than the previous one.  They are definitely eye and ear candy.

If I had the time and money I would love to visit this show and see these beautiful cars.  Ralph! Bring the show to the USA for all of the American car enthusiasts!

Check out the site and get your fill of these cars.


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