Happy 14th B-Day VEGGIEZ

VEGGIEZ Birthday

Fourteen years ago today we brought VEGGIEZ home from the Columbia, SC BMW dealership.  The weather was terrible that day and as we returned from Columbia we discovered a small tornado had touched down across the street from our home.   Thankfully. the storm missed our development and caused very little damage to those affected.

We waited almost four months for Veggiez to arrive at the dealership from the factory.  She was built less than 10 miles from where we lived and then shipped another 90 miles to the only dealer that would work with us on the purchase.

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Transportation through Time Car Show

I had the opportunity to stop at a small car show in downtown Phoenix this last weekend.  The car show was called, “Transportation through Time” and featured cars from the early 1900′s through 1980.  The show was held in Heritage Square which features several historic buildings and the science center–a great place for a small car show.
Transportation through Time Show
I was impressed with the number of cars from the earlier years which included some rather unique vehicles including; a REO (being restored), Willy(s) and a Ford Touring Wagon.  The show also featured a few motorcycles, fire engines and travel trailers.
Transportation through Time Show
The organizers did a great job in keeping true to the show’s name by making sure there was a nice mix of a few vehicles from all of the decades.  They also limited the number of heavily modified/hot rodded cars to allow for a true view of motoring across the decades for the attendees.
Transportation through Time Show
Take a few minutes and check out the photo gallery from the event.

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My Other Car is a BMW #2

This poor chap must be asked about his classic Honda 600 so much he invested in a special license plate and graphic (Calvin peeing on a H)  to answer the question.  The car is really an Austin Seven, just one of the many various incarnations of the Mini brand over the years.  Check out larger photos from the inset in this gallery.

Mini not a Honda

Got a good photo of a car with a mistaken identity–Send it in.

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