Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

The Cannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run is a 16 day (Sept 10-26, 2010) motorcycle adventure across the country on pre-1916 motorcycles. The group of 52 men and women started from Kitty Hawk, NC and will cross the country to Santa Monica, CA. They plan on a series of stops at motorcycle themed locations during the time on the road.  They will be in Kingman, AZ and Laughlin, NV on September 24th for those in the Arizona area.

Yes, the youngest bike is 95 years old and that can make for some real challenges when it comes to keeping them running and performing on the long journey.  Visit their website to track the progress across the country including videos, stories and lots of photos.

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Hyundai Sonata Uncensored

Hyundai Uncensored

You have seen the commercials on TV for Hyundai Sonata Uncensored.  This car company has fought its way from an industry joke to an industry leader in the last few decades.  They have attacked their critics by going upscale and building better more desirable cars along with more emphasis on quality and consumer awareness of the brand.

They are back making the rounds to win over new customers with a FREE driving event.  There are only a few cities left in the tour. Hurry up and make a reservation to get out to drive a Hyundai Sonata on a closed course and get some free stuff (value of $30 is claimed).  Last year they gave out collapsible storage bin kits and the year before car wash kits.  Check out our post about their last visit to Phoenix with the the Genesis.

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There’s Gold in Them Mountains

Labor Day weekend this year had a different adventure in the works for us.  We were planning on heading North from Phoenix to explore the mountains near Jerome, AZ.  Out West every little town nestled in the mountains is a mining town and Jerome is no different.  Until the mines closed in the 1950′s you could make your fortune digging copper, gold and silver.  Jerome is now considered a ghost town with only 400 residents living there year round.

The Gold Mine

As with all small towns they attract an eclectic mix of artists, photographers, motorcycles and tourists to the city that sits a mile above sea level.  This motorcycle fits the bill with its rugged looks and PBR accessories.  Later on in the day the bikes were lined up and down the street.

PBR Bike

This was no typical day driving the switchbacks in the Z3 or M3.  This was a dirt road adventure  on your own two feet–the 40th annual Jerome Hill Climb sponsored by the Arizona Road Racers.  A 4.4 run uphill (1,100 ft climb) that tests not only your physical health but your lung capacity due to the elevation.  Just look at the roads and scenery below.


Rough cut roads that snaked passed the abandoned mines and other ghostly sites.  Incredible scenery under clear blue skies-we could have been above the clouds for all I know.

Dramatic View

For those who made it to the top–this was the finishline.  It is hard to believe that the winner (Jeffrey Eggleston)  made it to the top in just 26.45 minutes.  That was an astounding 6.05 minutes per mile pace.

Finish Line

Once at the finishline, you had to catch your breath and walk back to the start.  Thank goodness there was plenty of water and refreshments to refuel yourself after the race for the walk back down.  The organizer’s even had Muscle Milk (check out the Jeep) for everyone who made it back to the start.

Muscle Milk Jeep

This adventure was definitely different from the typical car themed day out but the drive was great and the feeling of accomplishment was just as satisfying.  Check out photos from the event from one of the professional photographers (MAP Photographers) that was at the event.  If you are up to the challenge get signed up for next year and start practicing.

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