Faces in Places–Desert Edition

You can find faces in almost any place whether it was created in nature or by man.   A current American Express commercial demonstrates this dozens of times in just 60 seconds.   Here are a few a faces we found on Saguaro cacti on a recent hike at Spur Cross Park.

Saguaro cactus can live 200 years and don’t even grow an arm until they have hit 75 years in age.  You can imagine these faces have seen a lot of things change in their lives.


A Saguaro eating a boot is the best way to describe this one.


And finally, a Saguaro face so hideous and evil that I dare show you.  So instead this photo shows off it’s magnificent size and arms backlit with the sun for your safety.


Check out the Photo Gallery of the hike here and enjoy the desert views.  As always keep your eye focused on your surroundings and watch out for all of those faces just watching the world go by.

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