Out in the AZ Wilderness

No Cars, No Motorcycles….Just our feet to carry us out to this view. This photo was taken about halfway through a 14 mile hike in the White Tank Mountains of Arizona.

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New 7 Series Launch Party–Phoenix

We were invited to attend the Phoenix premiere of the all new BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) at a local art gallery (Bentley Gallery). I guess BMW must have checked the records and said it is about time for them to upgrade.

New 7 Series

Two cars were carefully tucked under white covers on the floor of the old industrial building. Art work and sculpture filled a few different wings of the building but we were constrained to the main gallery. After the crowd had gathered, the covers where pulled off and the people were allowed to climb in and investigate. BMW NA had brought a 750Li and a 750i to show off the new model’s design.

New 7 Series

New 7 Series

This car design is a big improvement over the Bangle butt versions before but no where as sharp as the old E38 of the late 90′s. That car was the epitome of driving, performance and style in the "The Transporter" movie.

Toward the end of the event we were shown one of those inspirational BMW movies about the car and heard a few words from the regional BMW rep. It was a nice way to spend an evening but barely enough to make me think about opening my wallet on a $80K-$90K car.

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My Other Car is a BMW #1

Times are tough if you are an American car manufacturer. GM has already said that Saturn, Pontiac and Opel must go “potentially”. No amount of US backing can save them.

Saturn started as the different kind of car company in the 1980′s. Ready to set the automotive world on fire with plastic car bodies, no-haggle dealers and union-free manufacturing. I guess the last ditch effort to save the company is to slap a Roundel on the back and hope for buyers.

Saturn with a Roundel

Got a good photo of a Roundel on a non-BMW–Send it in.

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