Faces in Places–Desert Edition

You can find faces in almost any place whether it was created in nature or by man.   A current American Express commercial demonstrates this dozens of times in just 60 seconds.   Here are a few a faces we found on Saguaro cacti on a recent hike at Spur Cross Park.

Saguaro cactus can live 200 years and don’t even grow an arm until they have hit 75 years in age.  You can imagine these faces have seen a lot of things change in their lives.


A Saguaro eating a boot is the best way to describe this one.


And finally, a Saguaro face so hideous and evil that I dare show you.  So instead this photo shows off it’s magnificent size and arms backlit with the sun for your safety.


Check out the Photo Gallery of the hike here and enjoy the desert views.  As always keep your eye focused on your surroundings and watch out for all of those faces just watching the world go by.

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Hyundai Adrenaline Tour

The Hyundai Genesis has been around almost a year.  The release of the brand new high end car for Hyundai happened as the global economy melted down.  Despite the collapse of the housing and auto industry this young (20 years or so in the US) upstart of a car manufacturer built and launched  a new luxury car.  Almost every article/review I have read loved the Sedan and praised the Coupe’s design.  This was our chance to test the car without the dealer pressure.

We drove the Sedan at similar event last year.  This time around it was the Coupe at PIR.  They had a nice selection of Turbo 4 and V6 cars in both manual and automatic transmissions.   We quickly checked in at the main desk and got in line to hit the track.  Within a few minutes we were already behind the wheel and revving the 4 cylinder turbocharged engine for launching onto the track.  A quick burst down the straightaway and into a tight left hand turn– less than 30 seconds later it was all over.

The track was laid out to the West of Phoenix International Raceway in one of the large parking areas.  We have actually been in the same lot at least 2 other times for Hyundai and Lexus events.  A few more cycles behind the wheel and I had  my fill.  Ok, as much as we could have with a enthusiastic Hyundai employee sitting shotgun.  They rarely say anything to you but it is still a pain in the ass.

On the way out we grabbed our free gift and I took the opportunity to duck into the driver’s seat of a drift car.  This high powered version of the Rhys Millen/Red Bull Coupe would have been a great fun on the track.  Take a few minutes and check out the photos from the event.

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Congratulations BMW Spartanburg on 15 Years

It is hard to believe that BMW has been building cars here in the US for 15 years strong.  From the 3 Series to the Z Series and now the X Series.  Dedicated workers building passion and fun into every vehicle in the heart of the South.

Z3 on Display

BMW built the model for so many other oversees manufacturers by shifting to the South.  Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and the list of car manufacturers continues to grow every year.

If you haven’t had the chance to tour the plant you should at least read an article I wrote about the plant and the manufacturing process.  Make it a destination at some point to visit the Zentrum, Plant and the Beacon restaurant.

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When the Luck Runs Out!

Over the years I have always been able to sneak in a car event or museum when my travels and such events synced up.  This time my luck ran out. I was in Reno for an overnight business trip and never realized it was Hot August Nights.  The  group I was traveling with arrived to town late ducked into the hotel for a late night dinner and discussion.  I snapped a couple of night photos and grumbled to myself as we walked in.  The weather was brisk (50s with winds and rain); my justification that the event may have been compromised.

Enjoy the 1 semi-decent photo from the event.  At least it is of a great subject–4 Shelby 427 Cobras.  These were no kit cars–all signed by the one and only Carroll Shelby.  I compared the signature to the ones in the Shelby Museum.

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