Along the Apache Trail-Let the Adventure Begin

Jeep’s slogan is “Have fun out there”. We adopted that motto this summer in Arizona.

Last year was spent adjusting to the house, pool, landscape and did I mention the HEAT! 110 degrees at 10am is not normal on the East Coast–Arizona is different.  The theme for our life starting this summer was much like Jeep’s. Our adventures included hiking, running and 4 wheeling in the Jeep. We decided that our website needed to include those adventures. Look for articles and photos as we have more of those adventures.

The first adventure to get included is on the Apache Trail. This is the only scenic highway in Arizona–although even the most mundane roads here have wonderful views beyond the PUDs full of homes. The trail is partially paved but mainly dirt that connects Apache Junction to several lakes and a major dam to the North.  Some sections of this road remind you of the Alps with awesome cliffs just feet from the side of an unprotected road. Most sites will tell you that the road can be traveled by automobile but do not believe them. If you care about your car–go rent one.

4 wheeling Mini Cooper

OPPS–Not all Mini owners care about there babies. Believe it or not we had cars ahead and behind us on most of this trip including a BMW 335 and a Mini Cooper. The cars will make it but will surely suffer rock chips, suspension issues and possibly other horrendous problems.

The road is filled with great views of the Arizona landscape. One narrow portion forces cars to pass on a one lane road hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. Sure enough cars have gone over and can be seen on the decent to a permanent resting spot below.

Narrow Pass

After 20 plus miles of travel you find yourself below the huge Roosevelt dam that was originally built in the early 1900′s as a government project to help provide a growing Arizona region with water. The dam was later heightened and improved to better serve the growing state’s requirements. The dam rises out of the deep valley and dominates the horizon as you approach.

Roosevelt Dam

Once you reach the top of the dam and look down into the canyon below you wonder how different the landscape might have looked 100 years ago. Beyond the dam lies a vast lake for boating and swimming.

Lake and Bridge

Visit the Photo Gallery to see all of the photos from this adventure. Keep coming back to see and experience more of the Southwest through our travels and adventures.

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