Hyundai Genesis Driving Event

Hyundai is in the process of trying to move upscale.  No fancy branding exercises like Lexus and Acura.  Just design and build a better car, slap a V8 in it and try to sell it for $40K.

?Hyundai Genesis Sedan
Hyundai Genesis Coupe

To market the car to the population they created a traveling roadshow to let you see it up close and drive it against the competition. The show is down to its last two stops, Phoenix and Chicago. You can visit, Drive Genesis, to get an appointment at the driving event. We have done this type of event a few times before with Lexus and Mercedes and had a good time.

The real question is–Can Hyundai erase my memories of the 1988 Excel that I use to drive to work daily in the early 90′s?

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Vindication on the Jeep Buying Experience!

Within days of posting the story of our Jeep buying experience I found a news story highlighting the Best and Worst cars to purchase based on customer satisfaction.

Jeep set the bar high–they were dead last.

BMW was the second best–no surprise there.

Next time you are thinking about buying something major (like a car) you should visit this website and do some advance research. The American Customer Satisfaction Index only focuses on the customer satisfaction aspect of the product–not the quality.

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