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Faces in Places Car’s Edition #2

Radiator caps…that’s is as simple as it gets. The hood ornament or mascot found its humble beginnings in the radiator cap. Manufacturers wanted to make even this simple cap a unique feature of their brand. Individuals and artists also used the hood ornament as a way to personalize their cars. These mascots could embody a variety of forms including, human, animal and abstract shapes and could be made from chrome, brass and even glass.

Sadly, these mascots have disappeared from the modern automobile as aerodynamics and crumple zones have become more important. The Rolls-Royce’s, Spirit of Ecstasy, is one of the last holdouts and even she neatly tucks herself away at the flick of a switch to protect her from vandals and thieves in the latest generation. If fact many enthusiasts collect original and replica mascots as a way to enjoy the thrill of automobile collecting without the space or expense.

Below are a few small faces from female mascots that we have photographed over time.

Hood OrnamentHood Ornament 

Hood Ornament

Keep your eyes posted–Faces can be found everywhere.

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Let’s Mini 2008 (www.LetsMini.de)

A quick post on the upcoming “Let’s Mini 2008” event in Hildesheim, Germany this next week; July 4th through the 6th.  This event has been around a?few years and looks pretty amazing with over 700 Minis (new and old) gathered to party, race and bond.

Let's Mini 2008

The event is modeled after the Mini United event held in various locations around Europe over the last few years.  Here in the USA we have Mini Takes the States.

If you are heading to the event in Germany and are willing to collect a little memrobilia–I would love to work a deal to get some merchandise. Long story short; we own the www.LetsMini.com domain here in the USA and have owned it for almost 5 years.  It would be cool to have official merchandise for our collection.

Drop me an email to work out a deal–Please!!!

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