The Last BMW Roadster HomeComing?

It is hard to believe that BMW will cease production of the Z series car at the Spartanburg plant this year. The Z4 which was introduced back in 2002 will continue to live on but will now be produced in a German facility. With that transition, the Z-car HomeComing event will spiritually end.

Back in 1997 at the very first HomeComing it was a magical opportunity to take the car we loved back to it’s birth place. The place where metal, paint and spirit joined to form a car that could take us to the mountains and the beach and was the envy of others.

That first event found its beginning when the Lester’s contacted BMW and planted a seed. The idea grew and a date was picked. Word spread across the Internet via emails and postings and plans began for the trip. BMW assumed that only people from the surrounding states would come. They used local dealers to get Z3 sales lists and sent out postcards. That really didn’t matter–The Internet did the inviting.

People came that from as far as California that 1st year. Over a 150 cars gathered on the grass of the plant that day. The event was history and continues to this day.

Some of those who attended the event found that postcard in their mail when they returned home from the weekend. Snail mail didn’t stop the party in that first year.

Z3 HomeComing Postcard

So this Labor Day (Roadster Homecoming) shed a little tear. BMW will have closed the Z4 line down and will produce only the X model cars here in the US. The X models have yet to be invited to the plant despite some early attempts to build interest from enthusiasts–

The Z4 will finally be produced where every BMW enthusiast thought it should have been built in the first place. The new 2009 Z4s can visit the plant but they can never come Home–at least in the US.

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