Wheels Through Time Museum–Shifting Gears in 2009

Flipping through a recent AutoWeek magazine; I spotted this curious ad in the classified area.

RM Auctions ad

We visited the museum back in the fall of 2006 while riding motorcycles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The museum has been nestled in the Maggie valley region of North Carolina since 2002. The curator and founder, Dale Walksler, is a true showman. He wonders throughout the museum talking to visitors and firing up the bikes during the day.

As Dale fiddles with the choke and the kick start; he proclaims, “They all run! Some take a couple of minutes longer than others.” Sure enough the bike burbles to life and exhaust fills the air.  Dale twists the throttle a couple of times and the engine settles down into a nice idle.

As he explains about the bike and its history to the faithful who watch in amazement; the bike continues to warm up.  More than 280,000 people have come through the doors in the 6 year the museum has been open.  The weekend we visited about 200 motorcycle of all kinds sat in the grassy field next to the building.

Dale twists the throttle a couple of more times and he pops the clutch and the bike’s tires squeal, like a shot he races across the museum among his vast collection of memorabilia. All that is left is the smell of rubber, oil and gas in the air among the onlookers.

Dale on a Motorcycle

Back to the point of this post. Why was RM Auctions featuring the museum in an ad? I surfed over to the auction site and found nothing, I then headed to?the museum’s site and I found this cryptic statement.

“The Wheels Through Time Museum will be shifting its gears in 2009 towards new objectives and a new focus.”

I don’t know what it means, but my recommendation to all who have not made it to the museum as of yet. Pack up the car or bike, plan a route and head on over this summer.  If you want to check it out before booking the room–visit our Photo Gallery to see more photos from the museum.

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