Win a Laura Ashley Mini Cooper!

Let me preface this by saying we are not giving away a Mini Cooper or are we affiliated with Sleep America.  I simply saw this poster for a lavender Laura Ashley Mini Cooper with lace accents in the window of the local Sleep America store when I was nearby for lunch.

Sleep America Mini Cooper

This contest requires that you visit the local Arizona stores to drop off your entry form in person.  So if you happen to be the Phoenix/Tucson area visit the Sleep America website and print out a form and visit a store.  Contest rules limit you to one entry per store visit–Contest ends April 8th, 2008. The award drawing will be held on April 11th. See the website for all rules and details.  Now the question is  do you get to pick a color or get the privilege of owning this version?  Painting is always an option I guess.

Best of Luck!

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Looking Back-The BMW Plant Tour of 1999

One of the best things about living in Spartanburg was being close to the BMW plant.  Every year the Z3 HomeComing event came to town with another opportunity to tour the plant.  I first toured the plant back in the fall of 1996 with an IIE group.  We spent about an hour doing the normal plant tour.  As a follow-up I drafted an article to share the tour experience with others.

In the years after that first tour, I became familiar with the typical sights and sounds of the production floor.  The plant added the X5 and the coupe–another production line, more warehouse space, etc. I added to the article each year leading up to 1999.  That year I hit the jackpot–a second shift tour of almost five hours in length. The night tour included the paint shop, offices and more.  We were told that very few people ever donned the white overalls and booties to watch how the painting process occurs from inside the climate controlled environment.

BMW always had a strict “No Photography” policy within the the production facility.  Rumors always floated around about people who had stowed a camera inside their pocket for the tour. With each HomeComing event the production floor access grew greater and greater until we partied on the production floor with cameras. Below are some photos from within those hallowed walls in Spartanburg.

Z3 on Display in the Plant

?Z3 on Display

Paint Shop

BMW Paint Shop

Overhead Conveyor leading to Paint Shop

Overhead Conveyor leading to Paint Shop

Body AS/RS

Body Gantry

Z4 Posed inside the Plant

Z4 posed inside the plant

Check out Z3 year for more photos inside the party and plant. Read the complete plant tour story and visit the BMW Manufacturing website to satisfy your cravings.

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