Barrett Jackson 2008

Sports Fanatics have Super Bowl
Movie Fans have the Oscars
Car Nuts have Barrett-Jackson

This is the penultimate event in the car auction world. The cars seen and sold here are excellent examples of iron and steel. This year was no exception with over a 1,500 cars sold in a NO reserve auction format.

The event itself is just one of 5 or 6 auctions that hit Phoenix each January. The Barrett Jackson event is by far the largest and most significant of all of them. Acres of cars, memorabilia and vendors fill the area and give the avid enthusiast hours if not days of fun. The event builds to a fury over the week leading to the Saturday Night Main event all broadcast on the Speed channel.

Some of the highlights on Saturday included:

Rondine, a one of a kind 1963 Chevy Corvette designed by Pininfarina for $1.6 million dollars. This car was gorgeous what else can you say about classic Italian design coupled with a Corvette.

1963 Corvette

Robosaurus, not your typical car auction item, sold for $575,000. The new owners are responsible for feeding and care of this beast. During the auction he swore allegiance to his new owner and tried to bid up his price I am just glad he did not breathe fire while sitting next to the stage.


The real star of the evening had to be the sale of the very first ZR1 corvette to roll off the production line later this year. Jay Leno helped introduced the car and helped with the auction. In the end, the car sold for a cool million dollars with a bulk of the money going to the United Way. The new owner had two options pick the car up at the factory and get the VIP treatment or pick it up in Jay Leno’s garage. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!


Visit the Photo Gallery to see 85 photos from the event.? If you want to visit the Phoenix area next year to catch the auctions here is a list of all of the auctions.(Russo and Steele, RM Auctions, Silver Auctions, Gooding & Company and?Kruse.)

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The Internet was just being discovered by the masses, modems screamed at 14.4K over phone lines and the BMW Z3 was just beginning to roll off the production lines in Spartanburg, SC. We lived in Spartanburg–the center of BMW activity in the US.

We had a car that was to come off a lease and wanted something fun. The Internet led us to the Z3 and the passion was ignited. We found the BMW community via the web and started to participated through posting of photos of BMW culture and cars in our area. That soon turned into a tiny website and then a domain ( and another domain and another website.  Within a year we were helping a local Z3 racer with a website and started to get noticed by the BMW enthusiasts on the web. We added/changed the websites adding (, and over the next few years.

Jump ahead 12 years and we are still working at it. We still do car events, museums and cars/motorcycles. With more that 3,500 photos in our Photo Gallery and growing we are now looking for a new spin. Look for more photos and stories along with a host of other changes coming to the site in the weeks and months ahead.

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