Drive the Blues Away – Lemay ACM

If you have lived in Seattle for more than a year you understand the feeling that comes over you in the months of December through February. The dark days, endless rain and early nightfall. This year the Lemay ACM held an evening of blues music, alcohol, hors d’oeuvre and of course cars. The event was titled “Drive the Blues Away”.

Drive the Blues Away

Of course, it was dark and rained endlessly during the event. The weather outside, didn’t slow the event down because it took place inside the massive main hall of the museum. Just a few hundred car enthusiasts enjoying craft beer and liquor while wondering the huge collection. The whole time the sound of blues could be heard coming from the live bands.

Drive the Blues Away

As band after band played, we wondered the ramps admiring the classic cars and listening to music. Occasionally, we grabbed a bite, refreshed our drink and watched a song or two being played by the bands.

Drive the Blues Away

This classic Cadillac greated the visitors in the main lobby with its Arizona themed paint job. This car was big enough to serve a blues band as they toured the bar circuit.

Drive the Blues Away

The Gibson guitar company was also there with a collection of instruments to browse and play if you felt so inclined. The star of the collection was a special guitar (50 unit production run) they built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Corvette.

Drive the Blues Away

The Lemay ACM is a great place that is always looking to do different and unique events. It also does a great job of keeping the displays fresh and new.

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Winter Blues getting to YOU!

Did you know we have been doing car and motorcycle shows and events for the last 17 years? Thousands of photos wait for you to browse by year and event. Fill a few hours by touring our Massive Photo Vault

Below are just a couple of the photos you may find:

Ferrari at Griot's Garage

Ferrari at Griot's Garage

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Festival of Speed

Or an event called, ” I spent a lot of money on my Ferrari or Lamborghini and I can’t find it on the field.”  This was a staggering collection of high dollar sports cars held at a local golf course on bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I raced over to the event as soon as it was due to open to get a good parking spot and beat the crowds and heat.

Festival of Speed

The cars were carefully placed in neat rows with gems hidden among them like this race car, Bugatti Veyron or even the Jensen Interceptor.  I am certainly sure that when the 2 McClaren’s showed they had an “moment” like two women at a party with the same dress.
Festival of SpeedCrowds leisurely gathered and admired the beauties.  I almost expected to see wine glasses and appetizers followed by gentle conversations of the day on the golf course or polo field.  Actually, many talked engines, oil and modifications.  Don’t let the photo below fool you–camera’s snapped and jaws dropped as hoods and engines started.
Festival of Speed

I have been to a lot of car events and museums over the years and this one had some beauties that I have never seen.  Do yourself a favor and browse the  Photo Gallery from the event to see them for yourself.

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PHX Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year the International Automobile Show sponsored by Motor Trend makes its rounds through Phoenix over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The show opens on Thanksgiving day and allows those who want a break from Turkey dreaming and Black Friday shopping to see some cars.  Or perhaps it is a last minute distraction to protect the wallets of consumer’s so they can afford a new car.

We have made this a tradition since we moved to Phoenix.  You can usually find tickets for free and the crowds are light in the late morning of Thanksgiving Day–that allows you to get into the cars, walk around and check them out without too much of a hassle.  As you enter the hall this year you were dazzled by a large presentation of high end automobiles (Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus and Ferrari) secured behind a large rope barrier.  Look but do not touch these beauties!

PHX Auto Show

We had a list of cars we wanted to see during the show.  We are not actively looking for a new car but, with all of the recent redesigns and new model launches we had a short list to check out.  Check out our One Phrase Reviews below.

Fiat 500 –> Very Interested, but Forget It
Volkswagen Beetle –> Who Cares-No one else did either
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited –> Upgraded Nicely
Mini Cooper Coupe –> Very Nice
Mini Cooper Countryman –> Very Nice
Hyundai Veloster –> Needs a Real Engine
Land Rover Evoque –> Hipster Material
BMW X3 –> Too Small/Cheap Materials
BMW X5 –> Very Nice, but Pricey

Make sure you take the opportunity to get out to your local New Car show when it makes it’s rounds this year.  It is great to be able to explore the cars without a dealer and have a chance to see how the crowds react to the potential purchase.

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