BMW/Scion joint car caught in the wild

I caught this early production car in the wild the other day. Part BMW and Scion-wonder what the industry scope is on this?

Does it have a BMW engine and rear wheel drive to add that layer of fun to the boxy shape?
BMW badged Scion

April Fools!

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My Other Car is a BMW #5

The excuse list:

  1. It was a lease.
  2. The economy is bad
  3. I had to get more room
  4. It was on the car when I bought it
  5. I bought this because of Bangle


BMW frame

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My Other Car is a BMW #4

An M Badge doesn’t make a Volvo 740 Turbo corner any better.

BMW M badged Volvo

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My Other Car is a BMW #3

You can’t hide from Toyota quality issues by putting some pinstripes and a Roundel on your Scion XB.

BMW badged Scion

I snapped the photo in front of a local auto parts place. The owner was working under the hood as I snapped the photo.

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